A Distributed Randomness Beacon


The drand randomness beacon is composed of a world-wide network of independent partners collectively providing verifable, unbiasable, unpredictable, high-entropy randomness as a service to the public. To generate such randomness, drand relies on cutting-edge methodologies from cryptography and distributed systems research. For more details on the technology, please refer to the documentation and to the research paper that inspired drand.

Randomness History

The printed value is a 512-bit random number generated by the drand beacon and is refreshed every 60 seconds. A click on the randomness block shows the raw JSON fetched from one of the nodes in the current trustee group.




The randomness is currently fetched from the host listed in bold. The node to contact can be chosen by clinking on one of the available servers (green status) from the table below.

Status Host Port Connection type

Randomness Retrieval and Verification

To retrieve and verify the latest random value, install Golang v1.12+, set your GOPATH, and execute:

go get -u github.com/dedis/drand
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/dedis/drand
go build
./drand get public deploy/latest/group.toml

League of Entropy

We are proud to be part of the League of Entropy, a consortium of organizations that are working together to provide randomness as a service. To learn more, check out this blog post by Cloudflare.


The organizations below contribute to the drand beacon. If you want to participate in the network as well, please contact us.